Spirit of Canada Cart Sale Application

100% of your entry fee will be donated.  All info on our charities will be given to approved designers upon request.

Please complete all required information to ensure your application is not rejected.


Store Name:

You make your own products?



*One person to a cart. NO exceptions.
*No scripts in your vendors.  You can have a scripted LM giver *touch*.  This is the only scripted item you can place on your cart (this is to keep lag as low as possible).
* Limit of 10 prims per cart. You can change these up as much as you want but you cannot go over 10.
* All items must be $L50 or less.
* All items must be made by you or your business partners. NO resale items please.
* You  must have a mainstore with at /least/ 15-20 items for sale.
* No copyrighted images on product.

By sending in your application it is understood that you have read, understand, and agree to abide by the rules and that you agree to pay the entry fee of $L150 upon acceptance.

Please send your application inworld to:
Branwen Firanelli
COO Marketing and Events
Spirit of Canada

Or send by email:  staticgroupsl (at) gmail (dot) com

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