Hunt Info & Application


* NO Resellers, (BIAB) Business In A Box, and/or Freebies found in BIAB.

* Gifts must reflect the quality of your shop, please be creative.

* If your store moves before or during the hunt, please let us know asap, so we can make the required changes.

* Do NOT provide the name of an alt. If you would like to use an alt, please send in the application from your alt.

* You will be required to join a group for the duration of the hunt. This is to ensure notices and updates are received. If you cannot do this, you will not be accepted.

*Must be able to provide a direct LM to your shop.  Stores in malls are welcome to apply, but only if they meet this requirement.


Please rename your application as:  Hunt Name Here - (store name) - (your name)
Send the completed application to Alys Landar.

Store Name:

Main Contact:

Second Contact (not mandatory):

Store Landmark:

Store SLURL:

Region Rating (General, Moderate, Adult):

Type of Store (what do you sell):

Are you able to make something original and on theme for the hunt?

Are you able to join the vendor's group for the duration of the hunt?